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Professional. Responsive. Problem-solvers. Great Communicators. 

These characteristics, combined with our depth and breadth of knowledge within the telecommunications, wireless and utility sectors, sets CSAi’s services apart from the competition. Our team of experts has extensive first-hand industry experience and uniquely qualified skill sets that allow CSAi to offer a comprehensive suite of professional consulting services that address every stage of a project—from conception to completion and everything in between.

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Architecture and Engineering Design

Architectural and engineering design is in a constant state of flux with continually evolving changes in complexity, technology and compliance. Our team has extensive experience in the development of scope, planning and design of projects—no matter how complex. CSAi provides a complete suite of architectural, civil, electrical, structural and radio frequency (RF) services for our clients. Our professionals have worked on numerous high-profile projects, delivering exactly what engineers need, in a package that can go right to construction.

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Code Compliance

With the ever-changing advancements in technology and building requirements, keeping up to date and compliant with all the necessary codes is often overwhelming. CSAi has a seasoned team of professionals who can move your projects through the gauntlet of requirements. Our experts can identify and suggest changes to expedite your projects through the various levels of reviews and approvals. Our dedicated code experts will review, make recommendations and follow your application through the various stages of approval—all the way to completion.

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Construction and Project Management

CSAi has a dedicated team of project-management professionals who provide ongoing oversight and administration throughout a project’s construction phase. We will handle your project needs, from conception to planning to execution, and on schedule.  Our teams have provided project management on a multitude of projects across the disciplines of real estate development, commercial and residential construction, telecommunications, and government and military infrastructure. We pride ourselves on the ability to tailor our services to meet our customers’ unique project needs.

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Contract Negotiations

Negotiating a lease contract can be a long, drawn-out process without expert help. CSAi’s skilled real estate team has negotiated thousands of leases, from simple to complex. Our real estate experts have the necessary vendor relationships that allow them to negotiate leases that work best for our clients’ needs and help shorten the acquisition cycle.

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Land Use and Permitting

Our customers’ projects involve the complexities of permitting: associated documentation, sketches, drawings, hearings, applications, and fees.  CSAi’s team will expedite your permitting process by navigating your specific project through the various requirements, working around potential roadblocks, and obtaining the required documents to get work started.

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Site Acquisition and Maintenance

Many companies don’t have the staff and/or the desire to manage all the different steps involved with a site acquisition. CSAi’s team of seasoned professionals has the proven expertise and knowledge required to oversee each step involved with finding and securing the right sites for clients. We locate appropriate target sites, perform due diligence, review the terms and conditions with landowners, and negotiate the lease to execution. CSAi follows the process through permitting, construction, and all the way through the activation process—significantly minimizing lag from start to an on-time completion.

Other Services

CSAi is dedicated to delivering success throughout the entire life cycle of any project. Because of our team’s depth and breadth of industry knowledge, hands-on experience and problem-solving capabilities, we provide other services outside of our traditional offerings. Our motto: Whatever it takes to deliver the highest-quality project to completion.

Featured Projects

mile high stadium

Mile High Stadium

Representing the people and the personality of Colorado, Empower Field at Mile High honors the unique and special traditions of the original Mile High Stadium, one of the most storied and beloved stadiums in National Football League history. The stadium, encompassing a total of 1.8 million square feet, stands at an elevation of 5,280 feet above sea level and provides outstanding, unobstructed views for 76,125 fans.

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Jon huntsman center

University of Utah

CSAi designed and engineered the upgraded telecommunications infrastructure at the arena to deliver enhanced services, increased speed and better reliability as the arena underwent renovations. CSAi completed the upgrade ahead of time and on budget to meet the University’s needs prior to the start of the basketball season.

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gaylord hotel

Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center

CSAi designed and engineered a comprehensive wireless telecommunications-network. This was all new to support the requirements of the 1.9 million-square-foot venue. CSAi was able to seamlessly integrate new equipment into the existing infrastructure to enhance the serviceability and throughput of the on-premise networks, allow this major venue to meet increasing demands for advanced services.

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